silcom recruitment.

located in London, Silcom Recruitment is a leading, boutique, recruitment business. They cover all office based commercial roles, along with Accountancy & Finance, HR, Sales, IT, and Executive Appointments. Silcom Recruitment exists to become the recommended choice and preferred Recruitment Company for everyone they work with. They continually strive to delight customers by providing the very best level of service, which is achieved thanks to an acute understanding of people requirements. To represent all of these, Sam, the founder, needed a mature and sophisticated logo design, influenced by attributes like: trust, quality and long-term relationships.

responsive website design.

business cards.


logo analyze.


this logo has a straightforward goal: to convey the idea of relationship/partnership in a simple and elegant way. The symbol it’s built by editing the letters S and R, so when combined they show collaboration and unity in a carefully balanced medium.  

style vs business.

the logo has a sophisticated look and it’s easy to perceive and understand. Simple, but not obvious, it communicates trust, reliance and partnership at a subconscious level.  


the type used it is minimal, modern and neutral. Complements the symbol, helps to communicate the urban side of the business and makes it easy for people to read it at any size. 


the main color palette it’s made by white/light gray and a dark blue. The dark blue is associated with responsibility, calm, integrity and trust, while the light color softens and balances the visual identity of the business.