ounces, tap house and kitchen.

Ounces is a tap house and kitchen, where guests can pour their own beer. They focus on local craft beer with approximately 40 to 50 taps to select from. It is called "Ounces" because the guest can pour as little or as much as they want and will be charged by the ounce. They can then taste as many beers as they want or simply pour a pint to drink. To represent all of these, Waz, the founder, needed a clear and strong identity which had to connect with beer enthusiasts. Attributes: modern, economical, young and abstract.

apron design.

glass of beer with logo sample. 

coasters design.

business cards.

logo analyze.


this logo is based on the ancient symbol used by apothecaries to represent an ounce. The logo-icon looks like a mug of beer, has the "ounce" at its core, as the business has it, and conveys a young, industrial feeling.   

style vs business.

the logo has a higher level of complexity (compared to my other works) and yet it stays true to the business idea and communicates the message: beer by the ounce. The distressed and quite low-budget style fits perfectly the idea of an industrial location where you can be yourself, as imperfect as you are. 


the type used it is strong, mature and bold. It complements the symbol style and helps to create a logo that speak for itself.  


the main color palette it’s composed from black and white. To these, add the texture of a craft paper and the fine look of wood and metal to complete the industrial and straightforward feel of this visual identity.