ingineering innovation.

Ingineering Innovation is a consulting firm focused on automotive propulsion, alternative energy, new technology development and scaling up start-ups, founded by former Ford manager and engineer, Apoorv Agarwal. They identify problems worth solving and use a rigorous, systematic, systems engineering based methodology to develop defect-free solutions to those problems. To represent all of these, Apoorv needed a technological and “green” logo design, influenced by attributes like: sustainability, alternative energy and innovation.   

business cards.

presentation template and graphics.


letterhead and envelope.

logo analyze.


this symbol uses 2 big "I" letters to create some kind of doors which are moved by a gear (engineering symbol). It conveys the idea of "opening new doors through engineering/innovation". Just press the power button and let the good ideas come to you.    

style vs business.

the logo has a strong, technological look which it’s representative for the engineering sector.  It conveys innovation through the “mechanism” of the symbol and alternative energy thanks to the use of color green. 


the type used it is bold and strong which, again, empowers the engineering aspect of the business. It also conveys seriousness and integrity, two essential values that guides the business activity. 


the main color palette it’s made by blue and green. While the first stands for trust and responsibility, the second comes in to remind us about the „green” side of Ingeneering Innovation, which seeks to help alternative energy businesses be successful.