identity system.

Every visual aspect of your business in one go: consultation, research & basic branding strategy, logo design, graphic guide, stationery, social covers and other design requests.

The purpose of an identity system is to communicate, differentiate and keep the visual experience consistent across all the mediums where your business gets in touch with its clients.   

The visual identity of a business is the first thing that influences the experience of a customer. We see it, we think or not about it and we decide: I like it or not. Or if you prefer the raw version: I buy it or not. 

This is harsh, but most of the people still judge the book by the cover. An identity system is meant to visually communicate who you are and why you matter. It should be appropriate, functional and efficient. A good business identity  is based on data (research, observation) and rational graphic decisions. 

branding strategy.

This service is meant for businesses at the start of the road. If you only have a business idea and a name (or not), then we should get planning: strategy, brand idea, brand architecture (a family of brands), brand personality, identity – verbal (name, brandline, tone of voice), sensorial (touch, smell, sound), visual (logo, color, look and feel, packaging).

The purpose of a branding strategy is to establish how you’ll communicate your story and how you’ll look when you do it. Is the foundation of every act of communication you plan to do in the future, be it through advertising, marketing or public relations.

Branding is highly misinterpreted in our times. Some say branding and think about design, some are designers and recommend themselves as branding guys. 

An appropriate branding strategy requires the effort of a team of highly skilled individuals: from brand managers to researchers, sociologists, designers and copywriters.  That's why, I have to remind you : this service is meant for individual and small businesses at the start of the road, which cannot afford a branding agency.  It will provide you with the basic things that can get you from 0 to 5, a moment where you can step up your game and rethink your business perspective. 


While my approach to design is holistic (keeps things consistent), I understand the need for businesses to get individual tasks done. Let me know your custom requests by mail or through the contact form and I’ll make sure to get back to you for a short talk.