SynGen develops on-site hydrogen production systems for zero emission vehicles and industrial applications. Their purpose is to help accelerate the growth of the hydrogen economy through reliable and cost-effective technologies. We seek to enable widespread use of hydrogen as a fuel contributing to the world's shift to clean energy.


Website design at Syngen.

A simple and efficient conversion of three individual signs (hexagon, arrow and leaf) into an abstract symbol.

The idea was to not only say “efficient”, but to apply it to the logo design, by achieving maximum in signification with a minimum of shapes (more accurately, lines).  Overall, the logo (symbol + type) was built to have line consistency. 

 The lack of contrast between the symbol and the typography is intentional, because it strengthens the ideas of stability and consistent quality performance. 

Another reason that influenced the choice of clean simple lines is to live the promise of an efficient, economical and green brand, since less graphics means less ink consumed when printing. 

The logo embodies the foundational values of SynGen’s brand into a simple, efficient and economical design meant not to only represent, but to respect and take them further.