reea mazilu.

Reea Mazilu creates fluid clothes with a mystical aura for young and confident women. Her creations are meant to adapt to existent wardrobes and lifestyles, so ladies can wear them together with what they already have and love. She believes clothes are the extension of a woman’s character and they should emphasize and communicate a passage of her story. To represent all of these, Reea needed a human, yet mystical visual identity, influenced by the Asian culture and attributes like handcrafted, intriguing, feminine and adaptable. 


stationery samples.

bag design.

logo analyze.


the symbol it's built as a R and M monogram that looks like a kanji. It is the founder love for Japan and her dream to create organic (adaptable and human) clothes  that inspired the style of the symbol. 


style vs business.

the logo has a human and intriguing feel, which suits the founder and business  objective: "to create fluid clothes with a mystical aura". This style allows the logo to be used in a multitude of contexts and it  can be  easily adapted and transformed in patterns or support-graphics for advertising.


the type used has the clean design of a sans serif and a little bit of the elegance of a Serif. Since the symbol is so strong and complex, the type had to step down and take more of a supportive role.  Nonetheless, it still shines, due to the contrast between thick and thin lines, which reminds of Bodoni. 


the main color palette it’s made by somewhat of a royal blue (called "sea adventures") and antique gold. The idea was to convey a starry night feeling that brings us closer to the mystical side of Reea's brand.