Enkaps came in to get a logo and businees card and ended up developing a full brand identity. While the initial name was Enkapsulation, because of it being lengthy and hard to pronounce we decided to shorten it to Enkaps. The company invented FloShell, a proprietary encapsulation technology platform that enables controlled, inside-out release of chemicals intended to improve oil and gas production and well profitability.


Website design at Enkaps.

The logo is made up by two parts: the symbol and the typography. As we kept working at the project, one keyword stood up from the others: innovation. A constant improvement of the technology that Enkaps offers and of the value their partners can receive. 


This idea led to the usage of an upward pointing arrow in the symbol. The arrow is encapsulated, as a reference to the technology the company develops and points to a particle, to provide a hint to the chemistry field with which the company relates. 

If we look from the top to bottom, we can read the symbol as an embrace of an upward movement, which translates as “embracing innovation”. 


At the base of the main circle there is a gap, intentionally left to show the company connection with the extraction/production of oil and, if we want to go further, to illustrate another important concept: “controlled release”.

The general round shape of the symbol it is meant to convey feelings of safety/reliability. The minimal use of graphics backs up the efficient and pragmatic ways of the brand. 


Overall, the logo uses round, clean and modern shapes. It is meant to fit in the present times and to show an ambition of constant evolution.