the canberra distillery.

in short, The Canberra Distillery is a small batch distillery unconstrained by the need to produce volume, so the focus is on quality. Located in Canberra, they produce spirits, schnapps and liqueurs for the local market, with local ingredients when possible. Their products are made to represent unique attributes of Canberra, such as ‘Canberra Fog’ (a cloudy gin) and local or family stories. The products can also be customized for specific regional establishments (like pubs). To represent all of these, Tim, the founder, needed a simple, mature and serious visual identity, influenced by attributes like: handcrafted, unique, local, quality. 


Website design at The Canberra Distillery

website design with shop.

gin label design.

stationery samples. 

logo analyze.


this logo symbolizes the process of distillation. It is meant to show how you can refine and mix little pieces to create new and better outcomes. Watch the top and bottom words as ingredients, the lines as pipes and the end product becomes obvious. 


style vs business.

the logo has a minimal and mature look, which suits the founder and business vision: quality over quantity. This style allows the logo to be used in a multitude of contexts and lets each product to tell its story unconstrained.  


the type used it is strong, mature, yet a little bold thanks to some of the sharp letters (A, N, M, so on). It stays at the center of the visual identity and helps to convey the modern side of The Canberra Distillery, which doesn’t use antique tools to produce its spirits. 


the main color palette it’s made by white and black. To these, you can add the texture of the paper, the magic of an icon or the power of a main color (like red), when the product requests it.