ionutp. is an identity designer who provides visual solutions to young businesses. His goal is to develop appropriate design systems that will allow businesses to communicate and connect with the right people. He is driven by a hunger for new challenges and exciting stories.


When other kids were starting to learn how to read, I was already devouring complex books. It was much more about the act of imagination than about the act of writing or reading. The writer was giving me a script which I could put on stage as I pleased. No illustrations to show me how to see things. No movies to educate my perspective. I had the "brief"  and I was free to create my own design from it.

People who discover their talent at an early age are blessed. They have a lot of time to learn and practice and some of them are already highly skilled by the age of 20.

 I wasn’t one of them, but every choice I made in my education and the way I chose my hobbies built the foundation on which my career develops today.

I went to an economics high school, where some doors to marketing and business management opened in front of me. Then I got a degree in Journalism, which helped to evolve my observation and communication skills. In the meantime, I learned Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as a hobby.   I continued to explore and expand my knowledge to a point where going in the identity design business seemed to be the right choice.

And it was. From 2014 till today I worked with over 40 clients on their business designs and I can say for sure that this is the right path. It allows me to think, write, read, imagine and move ideas into the reality. It allows me to help businesses understand and communicate their stories efficiently so they can thrive in the long term. In a way, I am a writer as much as I am a designer. And I love it.